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my teachings


  Private classes 

One-on-one classes where I design routines and sequences depending on each person’s needs. 

Group classes

I specialise in small and personalised group classes with the goal to have fun, learn and breath together. 

Corporate classes 

i provide onsite corporate classes, special employee appreciation or team building events.  


Throughout the years I have led wonderful retreats primarily in Southeast Asia. 

Special events

One of my favourite thing is to organise one day retreats,  mindfulness workshops or fun stuff like Vino & Vinyasa events.

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my expertise



January – March 2004

500 h Bikram Yoga Training LA, USA

May 2005

Moksha Yoga Teacher Workshop

Bangkok Thailand

October 2006

200 h Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Arts

 Byron Bay, Australia

May 2007

30 h Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Bangkok, Thailand

June 2007

Evolution Yoga Conference

Hong Kong

April/June 2008

Pilates Mat Work Teacher Training

Bangkok, Thailand

March-October 2010

Stott Pilates Reformer Training


April 2015

Prenatal Teacher Training

Hom Yoga 


my styles



I am incorporating various methods and styles of yoga appropriate to each individual student’s needs. Breath, mindfulness, correct alignment and focus are as important as having fun while practicing yoga. 


This system is the original form of yoga from which all other styles originate. 


A strong and powerful, intelligently designed series of 26 Hatha postures giving the entire body a complete 90-minute workout. 

Vinyasa Flow

This is a fast-paced class focused on dynamic movements from pose to pose as we flow through the sequence.

Yin Yoga 

A relaxed practice emphasising stretching the connective tissues of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine. 

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga 

is unique form or yoga which helps expecting mothers to prepare for birth and to strengthen and revitalised the body afterwards. 


In this very effective but soft training session you activate, strengthen and work every muscle in your body.